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our tiny chapbook series

One of the greatest perks we're offering our Patreon donors is our monthly tiny chapbook, Viable. Each month, we feature the work of one author in a tiny (10-14 page, 4.25"x5.5") chapbook. It could be poetry, it could be fiction, it could be some beautiful hybrid combination interstitial mashup amalgam form, like a chimera or a Chevy El Camino. Whatever it is, they're all tiny, perfect gems, and available only to our donors. 


our viable books:

Kris Skovmand

Her Small Feet, Her Red Fur
Katharyn Howd Machan

Woosuk Kim

Fingers in the Foxglove
Jessica Mehta

00:33:33 (thirty-three and a third)
David Maduli