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The Six-Fold Radial Symmetry of Snow

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Grillo’s narrative poetry collection visits and revisits the football fields and tunnels of a young man’s transition into adulthood, in search of understanding and in some cases, closure. This collection of poems is an “All-American” coming-of-age, complete with high school football heroics, the disappointments of growing older, love, loyalty, hardship, and ultimately hopefulness, set against the backdrop of Grillo’s lovingly rendered New Haven County. The Six-Fold Radial Symmetry of Snow creates a poetic dialogue with Grillo’s previous collection, When Rain Fills the Chasm—both sets of poems follow the narrator and the vividly rendered characters of Frankie and Charlene through glory days, memory, love, loss, history, and growth.

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Six-Fold epub cover.png

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Written by Christopher Grillo

Format: softcover print book, 40pp