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NonBinary Review #2: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein


From the mother of modern science fiction comes this classic exploration of what it means to be human. Countless books, films, and television shows have explored Mary Shelley's writing journey and her narrative. We bring you more than forty brilliant modern interpretations of this classic. 

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Edited by Lise Quintana and Allie Marini

Format: Digital download: .pdf, Kindle, ePub, 108pp

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Preview NonBinary Review Issue #2: 

"Consumption" by Jennifer Hopkins

"We Frankenstein" by Joe Young

"Wandering Spirits" by Selena Chambers

"My Nickname Was Frankenstein" by Judith Roney

"Mentor to a Monster" by Nick Nafpliotis

"Dead-Meat Dogsbody" by Joseph Sale

"The Perfect Man" by Emma Burcart