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NonBinary Review Issue #22: The Odyssey by Homer


The Odyssey is the second-oldest work of Western literature, and one of the most influential stories of all time. Beyond being a ripping yarn of an adventurer’s long trek home from war, it’s also an insight into ancient Hellenic customs, a commentary on politics and religion, and a metaphor for nearly anything later authors can come up with. The 2017 translation by Emily Wilson has made The Odyssey even more accessible, using modern English rather than the archaic phrasing that has made other translations feel stilted and obscure.

This will be our final issue of NonBinary Review, and we hope that you enjoy this collection of over 50 pieces of fiction, poetry and art.

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NBR 22 Cover web.jpg

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Edited by Lise Quintana

Release date: 9/1/2019

Format: pdf, Kindle, ePub

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