On the State of Things

Hello, friends,

It's been a hot minute since we've blogged anything, and a lot has happened since then: we've put out new issues, have new calls for submissions. and are hosting quite a few events in the upcoming months. Write Like You're Alive sign-ups are happening through the end of the month. 

But really, isn't it sort of... hard to care sometimes? 

I have seen on Twitter the lamentations of my writer friends (LitTwit is a great community for the most part, btw): How can I write, or feel comfortable promoting my work, with all the atrocities happening in the country and the world right now? And I feel it, too, in my bones, a deep and dark sense of dread, a burnout that makes it feel as though nothing matters anymore, that we're doomed, and why bother? I find it hard to care about anything now, and have become reckless with things- drinking, money management, health stuff. Writing seems like a ridiculous way to spend any bit of my time.

But, friends, remember: writing is a political act, and writing, promoting oneself, and finding joy in the smallest of places is not only political, but part of the Resistance.

The people in power do not want you to be happy. It is easier for them if you are tired, beaten down, apathetic, unhappy. When you reduce someone to nothing, they're easier to control.

It's hard to fight all the time. It is. And so I hope that you will find ways to not lose yourself in the despair of the world, and find ways to shine. Do things you enjoy doing, and give yourself permission to enjoy them: watch a movie, go to a park, float in a pool for 12 hours (wear sunscreen, though). This past weekend, I indulged: a botanical garden, a barbeque, an amusement park. Time spent resting my head on my husband's shoulder.

Your activism is important, but so is your threshold for all the rage or sadness or whatever it is you're feeling. Don't be afraid to take time for yourself. If you're doing things right, your actions will speak for you.

And I hope you will keep writing. And promoting yourself. Let us know if we can help you in any way. I always want you to be writing like you're alive.


Kolleen Carney Hoepfner

Managing Editor