On Being Thankful

Hello, friends!

Thanksgiving season has come and gone, as it does every year, and amidst the grogginess of too many carbs, a bit too much alcohol, and a real lack of responsibilities for four days, I can't help but feel a sense of extreme gratitude, far more encompassing than years past. 

Thanksgiving has always been difficult for me; I spent most of my adolescence and early adulthood with a serious eating disorder, making holidays centered around food to be a real hard time (I shared a very moving essay by Patrick O'Neil about holidays for people with EDs). Coupled with my familial anxiety and general "eh" feelings about turkey and football, I've always maintained that my best Thanksgiving would be staying in pajamas and eating a frozen pizza. And guess what: I got to do that this year. Due to wedding costs (thankful for the wedding, not thankful for the costs), travel was out of the question, so my husband, son, and I stayed home and ate whatever we wanted. It was glorious. I highly recommend everyone do this at least once in their lives. My stress levels for Thanksgiving were negative 50. 

I guess I am feeling thankful because, despite of all that's happened this year, I find myself surrounded by amazing things. Working on NonBinary Review has allowed me to be a part of a larger literary community, which is all I've ever really wanted. Working with Lise, who has always been gracious and generous and kind (and who is always up for an amazing vent- session) is such a joy to me; I can't really describe how much it means. I guest edited our Snopes issue, which was unreal; seriously, everything we received was incredible, and I was really proud of that issue.

Speaking of proud: thank you for letting us showcase your work this year (and years past!). We love all of our contributors, and with every new issue we are happier with what we receive and what we publish. In this little corner of the literary world, we are content. Today, we announced our Pushcart Prize nominees. I hope you will congratulate them; they deserve it. 



With the holidays continuing, I know things can be tough financially, but I do hope you'll keep our Patreon in mind; we recently revamped it with all new perks, including access to Viable, our new chapbook series, as well as bonus content for our podcast The Literary Whip. I hope you'll check it all out. 

This year has been hard for a lot of us, but I am trying to hold on to what is dear to me. My little family is safe and together at last. My friends are kind and true. And of course, the lit community at large is an exhilarating place to be, and I urge you to explore it and join it.  My world is rocked by journals like Drunk Monkeys, Five 2 One, Glass Poetry, Luna Luna Magazine... really too many to name, I get so overwhelmed with it all. The writing I've read this year was mostly born from fear and chaos, but it has all been so beautiful. Writers are truly heroes. 

I hope this letter finds you well. And I hope you're looking forward to our next NonBinary Review issue, Shirley Jackson's We Have Always Lived in the Castle, which is coming at you fast: Friday, to be exact. Stay tuned for that. 

Be well, my friends. 

Kolleen Carney Hoepfner

Managing Editor